Who's Who

The DIMES Team

Principal Investigator: Prof. Yuval Shavitt

Ph.D. Candidates: Noam Koenigstein, Udi Weinsberg, Noa Zilberman

Master's Students: Dror Marcus

Past Ph.D. Students: Eran Shir, Miriam Allalouf, Tomer Tankel

Past Master's Students: Dima Feldman, Elad Kaplan, Anat Halpern, Yaron Schwatrz, Ela Weinsberg

Programmers: Ido Blutman, Boaz Harel

Past Programmers: Anat Halpern, Ohad Serfaty, Ela Weinsberg, Yoav Freund, Galina Rivchin

Contributors: Guy Rosenthal, Gil Shinnar, Danny Bickson and Elliot Jaffe from the Hebrew University ported the DIMES agent to Linux and Mac. Bryon Eldridge from the US created the initial version of the website.

Sys Admin: Danny Shaked


This is an updated picture of most of the DIMES team.

Here are old some pictures of the DIMES team, wearing the DIMES shirts:

photo no.1 : DIMES team modeling the shirts, front.

photo no.2 : Now look at the back, can't you see the entire Internet?

Here are Yuval and Eran(In a bad hair day). You can catch a glimpse of the DIMES poster from Infocom 2005 conference and the infinite list of tasks on the white board...