DIMES - Download monthly data

DIMES - Download monthly data

DIMES Public data repository

The DIMES project is publishing AS graphs of the Internet for usage by the research community, as of December 2006. The datasets are published on a monthly basis, and contain the following:

  • ASNodes - a set of AS level nodes which were found at that month and were seen at least twice.
  • ASEdges - a set of AS level edges which were found at that month and were seen at least twice.
  • Nodes - a set of IP level nodes which were found at that month and were seen at least twice.
  • Edges - a set of IP level edges which were found at that month and were seen at least twice.
Files Description

The data sets are *.csv files, tab-delimited text files. The AS and IP level graphs are directed (i.e. if two directions of an edge were found, there will be two entries in the dataset).

The data is provided under the conditions it is used solely for reasearch and educational purposes. Specifically it is not allowed to use the data for any commericial usage.

If you use our data to produce a paper, please:

  • Reference the DIMES project, e.g., by citing to the paper below.
  • Send us a copy of or link to the publications which are based on DIMES data, e.g., to support@netdimes.org

Reference Format:

Yuval Shavitt and Eran Shir,
DIMES - Letting the Internet Measure Itself,

And now for the data:

ASNodes Files ASEdges Files Nodes Files Edges Files Routers Files City Edges Files
ASNodes1_2007 ASEdges1_2007 Nodes1_2007 Edges1_2007 Routers1_2007 CityEdges1_2007
ASNodes2_2007 ASEdges2_2007 Nodes2_2007 Edges2_2007 Routers2_2007 CityEdges2_2007
ASNodes3_2007 ASEdges3_2007 Nodes3_2007 Edges3_2007 Routers3_2007 CityEdges3_2007
ASNodes4_2007 ASEdges4_2007 Nodes4_2007 Edges4_2007 Routers4_2007 CityEdges4_2007
ASNodes5_2007 ASEdges5_2007 Nodes5_2007 Edges5_2007 Routers5_2007 CityEdges5_2007
ASNodes6_2007 ASEdges6_2007 Nodes6_2007 Edges6_2007 Routers6_2007 CityEdges6_2007
ASNodes7_2007 ASEdges7_2007 Nodes7_2007 Edges7_2007 Routers7_2007 CityEdges7_2007
ASNodes8_2007 ASEdges8_2007 Nodes8_2007 Edges8_2007 Routers8_2007 CityEdges8_2007
ASNodes9_2007 ASEdges9_2007 Nodes9_2007 Edges9_2007 Routers9_2007 CityEdges9_2007
ASNodes10_2007 ASEdges10_2007 Nodes10_2007 Edges10_2007 Routers10_2007 CityEdges10_2007
ASNodes11_2007 ASEdges11_2007 Nodes11_2007 Edges11_2007 Routers11_2007 CityEdges11_2007
ASNodes12_2007 ASEdges12_2007 Nodes12_2007 Edges12_2007 Routers12_2007 CityEdges12_2007
ASNodes1_2008 ASEdges1_2008 Nodes1_2008 Edges1_2008 Routers1_2008 CityEdges1_2008
ASNodes2_2008 ASEdges2_2008 Nodes2_2008 Edges2_2008 Routers2_2008 CityEdges2_2008
ASNodes3_2008 ASEdges3_2008 Nodes3_2008 Edges3_2008 Routers3_2008 CityEdges3_2008
ASNodes4_2008 ASEdges4_2008 Nodes4_2008 Edges4_2008 Routers4_2008 CityEdges4_2008
ASNodes5_2008 ASEdges5_2008 Nodes5_2008 Edges5_2008 Routers5_2008 CityEdges5_2008
ASNodes6_2008 ASEdges6_2008 Nodes6_2008 Edges6_2008 Routers6_2008 CityEdges6_2008
ASNodes7_2008 ASEdges7_2008 Nodes7_2008 Edges7_2008 Routers7_2008 CityEdges7_2008
ASNodes8_2008 ASEdges8_2008 Nodes8_2008 Edges8_2008 Routers8_2008 CityEdges8_2008
ASNodes9_2008 ASEdges9_2008 Nodes9_2008 Edges9_2008 Routers9_2008 CityEdges9_2008
ASNodes10_2008 ASEdges10_2008 Nodes10_2008 Edges10_2008 Routers10_2008 CityEdges10_2008
ASNodes11_2008 ASEdges11_2008 Nodes11_2008 Edges11_2008 Routers11_2008 CityEdges11_2008
ASNodes12_2008 ASEdges12_2008 Nodes12_2008 Edges12_2008 Routers12_2008 CityEdges12_2008
ASNodes1_2009 ASEdges1_2009 Nodes1_2009 Edges1_2009 Routers1_2009 CityEdges1_2009
ASNodes2_2009 ASEdges2_2009 Nodes2_2009 Edges2_2009 Routers2_2009 CityEdges2_2009
ASNodes3_2009 ASEdges3_2009 Nodes3_2009 Edges3_2009 Routers3_2009 CityEdges3_2009
ASNodes4_2009 ASEdges4_2009 Nodes4_2009 Edges4_2009 Routers4_2009 CityEdges4_2009
ASNodes5_2009 ASEdges5_2009 Nodes5_2009 Edges5_2009 Routers5_2009 CityEdges5_2009
ASNodes6_2009 ASEdges6_2009 Nodes6_2009 Edges6_2009 Routers6_2009 CityEdges6_2009
ASNodes7_2009 ASEdges7_2009 Nodes7_2009 Edges7_2009 Routers7_2009 CityEdges7_2009
ASNodes8_2009 ASEdges8_2009 Nodes8_2009 Edges8_2009 Routers8_2009 CityEdges8_2009
ASNodes9_2009 ASEdges9_2009 Nodes9_2009 Edges9_2009 Routers9_2009 CityEdges9_2009
ASNodes10_2009 ASEdges10_2009 Nodes10_2009 Edges10_2009 Routers10_2009 CityEdges10_2009
ASNodes11_2009 ASEdges11_2009 Nodes11_2009 Edges11_2009 Routers11_2009 CityEdges11_2009
ASNodes12_2009 ASEdges12_2009 Nodes12_2009 Edges12_2009 Routers12_2009 CityEdges12_2009
ASNodes1_2010 ASEdges1_2010 Nodes1_2010 Edges1_2010 Routers1_2010 CityEdges1_2010
ASNodes2_2010 ASEdges2_2010 Nodes2_2010 Edges2_2010 Routers2_2010 CityEdges2_2010
ASNodes3_2010 ASEdges3_2010 Nodes3_2010 Edges3_2010 Routers3_2010 CityEdges3_2010
ASNodes4_2010 ASEdges4_2010 Nodes4_2010 Edges4_2010 Routers4_2010 CityEdges4_2010
ASNodes5_2010 ASEdges5_2010 Nodes5_2010 Edges5_2010 Routers5_2010 CityEdges5_2010
ASNodes6_2010 ASEdges6_2010 Nodes6_2010 Edges6_2010 Routers6_2010 CityEdges6_2010
ASNodes7_2010 ASEdges7_2010 Nodes7_2010 Edges7_2010 Routers7_2010 CityEdges7_2010
ASNodes8_2010 ASEdges8_2010 Nodes8_2010 Edges8_2010 Routers8_2010 CityEdges8_2010
ASNodes9_2010 ASEdges9_2010 Nodes9_2010 Edges9_2010 Routers9_2010 CityEdges9_2010
ASNodes10_2010 ASEdges10_2010 Nodes10_2010 Edges10_2010 Routers10_2010 CityEdges10_2010
ASNodes11_2010 ASEdges11_2010 Nodes11_2010 Edges11_2010 Routers11_2010 CityEdges11_2010
ASNodes12_2010 ASEdges12_2010 Nodes12_2010 Edges12_2010 Routers12_2010 CityEdges12_2010
ASNodes1_2011 ASEdges1_2011 Nodes1_2011 Edges1_2011 Routers1_2011 CityEdges1_2011
ASNodes2_2011 ASEdges2_2011 Nodes2_2011 Edges2_2011 Routers2_2011 CityEdges2_2011
ASNodes3_2011 ASEdges3_2011 Nodes3_2011 Edges3_2011 Routers3_2011 CityEdges3_2011
ASNodes4_2011 ASEdges4_2011 Nodes4_2011 Edges4_2011 Routers4_2011 CityEdges4_2011
ASNodes5_2011 ASEdges5_2011 Nodes5_2011 Edges5_2011 Routers5_2011 CityEdges5_2011
ASNodes6_2011 ASEdges6_2011 Nodes6_2011 Edges6_2011 Routers6_2011 CityEdges6_2011
ASNodes7_2011 ASEdges7_2011 Nodes7_2011 Edges7_2011 Routers7_2011 CityEdges7_2011
ASNodes8_2011 ASEdges8_2011 Nodes8_2011 Edges8_2011 Routers8_2011 CityEdges8_2011
ASNodes9_2011 ASEdges9_2011 Nodes9_2011 Edges9_2011 Routers9_2011 CityEdges9_2011
ASNodes10_2011 ASEdges10_2011 Nodes10_2011 Edges10_2011 Routers10_2011 CityEdges10_2011
Nov. 2011 Data not yet available
Dec 2011 Data not yet available
ASNodes1_2012 ASEdges11_2012 Nodes1_2012 Edges1_2012 Routers1_2012 CityEdges1_2012
ASNodes2_2012 ASEdges2_2012 Nodes2_2012 Edges2_2012 Routers2_2012 CityEdges2_2012
ASNodes3_2012 ASEdges3_2012 Nodes3_2012 Edges3_2012 Routers3_2012 CityEdges3_2012
ASNodes4_2012 ASEdges4_2012 Nodes4_2012 Edges10_2012 Routers4_2012 CityEdges4_2012