Dimes Agent and Windows 7

Although the DIMES Agent has been tested with Windows 7 and works under that OS, there are a couple of things you should be aware of when trying to run the Agent on it:

1. The Agent installer will not automatically modify the Windows 7 registry to allow for ICMP and UDP connections.

In Windows 7 the built-in Windows Firewall is on by default, and it blocks both ICMP and UDP connections, which means that while the Agent will run, it will not be able to execute any measurements.

To fix this problem, go to the Windows Firewall control located in the control panel, and add four rules. All rules should be applied to "all ports, all programs":

* Allow ICMP inbound

* Allow ICMP outbound

* Allow UDP incound

* Allow UDP outbound

To confirm that the Agent is able to measure now, go to Properties, Settings, port checking.

2. The installer may not automatically set the Agent to run as Administrator.

The Agent must have administrator privileges in order to open raw sockets. Right click on the Agent icon to change this

3. The UnInstaller may not remove the start menu icons when removing the Agent

The Agent itself will be removed, but the icons will stay. You should delete those manually.

Please let us know (via the forums) if you discover any other issues with the Agent and Windows 7.