The DIMES Visualizer - a 4 Dimension Graph Visualizer

The DIMES Visualizer is an innovative new tool develop in the DIMES lab to allow easy exploration of the Internet as it is measured by DIMES.
The DIMES Visualizer is the first 4D graph visualizer which allows to track the change of the Internet over time with ease and clarity.

Snapshot 1 - One General App view (One of many Application views).

To start using the DIMES Visualizer, simply

Download and unzip the file

Run DIMESVis. (bat or run, depending on your operating system).
The DIMES Visualizer is still in beta phase, so any feedback will be welcomed.

It is a Java based, openGL supported application that intuively allows to study the structure and dynamics of the DIMES network.

We'd like to comment Shmulik Asafi and Mark Sandler for all of their hard work building the tool.

System Requirements:
Software: Java Virtual Machine 1.4+ installed (jre-1.4+).
Operating System: Win32, Linux, mac, solsparc, solx86.
Disk Space Requirements: At Least 25MB.
Memory Requirements: At Least 256MB Ram. For best performance use 1Gig Ram or above.
Hardware Requirements: The Hardware must have ability of support Java Virtual Machine 1.4 and above (jre-1.4+).