Java 6_18 workaround instructions

Java 6_18 workaround instructions
To install the workaround for Jave 6 Build 18 and up, please follow these steps:

1. Download the 10.jar file from here

2. Shut down your Agent

3. Go to your DIMES directory and locate the file DIMES\Agent\Classes\JARs\10.jar replace that file with the one you downloaded

4. locate the results directory at DIMES\Agent\Classes\Base\outgoing\results and delete all the files from that directory

5. Restart your Agent in GUI mode. The results should work now.

* You can also download new installation file for the DIMES Agent, which includes this workaround, from the main downloads page

Please note that this is a workaround only. We expect a new version of the Agent which will fix this bug to be out soon!

Thank you,

DIMES team.