Download Data Sets

<%@page import="ControlCenter.DownloadMonthlyData"%>
<%@page import="ControlCenter.MonthDetails"%>

DIMES - Download monthly data

Download data files using the links

ControlCenter.DownloadMonthlyData dmd = new ControlCenter.DownloadMonthlyData();
ControlCenter.MonthDetails md = new ControlCenter.MonthDetails();
int monthNum=0;
monthNum = dmd.getMonthCount();


int fileindex=0;
for (fileindex=1; fileindex<=monthNum; fileindex++){

<%md = dmd.getCurrnetMonthDetails(fileindex);%>


ASNodes Files ASEdges Files Nodes Files Edges Files
<%=md.aSNodesLink%> <%=md.asEdgesLink%> <%=md.NodesLink%> <%=md.EdgesLink%>

You can get the monthly data in this page.