The DIMES Internet Mapper (powered by Google Maps)

Welcome to the DIMES Internet Mapper, a tool which presents the Internet connectivity between the cities of the world, as discovered by the thousands of users participating in the DIMES research project. The topological data is updated every time you center the map around a new point. By default, old data is deleted during update. If you would like to keep the old data, you can click the button below. Just be aware that it might slow your computer, as it can consume a lot of resources. Clicking on a city icon reveals its name. Note that we have only started experimenting with geographic visualization and the Google Maps API, so if you find bugs or want to suggest enhancements, you are most welcomed to contact us at: or through our forums.

Hope you enjoy the mapper and we will be happy if you join DIMES and download our agent (if you haven't done that already...)