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Welcome to my homepage. My name is Eran Shir and I am a Ph.D. student at the Tel-Aviv university. My main research project is called DIMES and I encourage you to take a look and hopefully participate. DIMES is an Internet research project that takes after the famous SETI@HOME and the like projects, aka as distributed/volunteer computing. These projects rely and the good will of people all over the world to contribute some of their computer and network resources for the sake of science.

The success of these projects, if it teaches us anything, is that people are not just money hungry machines (Economists throw your models away :) and that there is still room for grassroots movements in our world.

Well, before I get too Che Guevara on you, let me just say it's fun and you are most welcomed to join us in our effort to map the Internet.

We developed a software agent that perform Internet measurements and sends us back the results, allowing us to figure out how routers and ISPs are connected all over the world. In my Publications and Papers which use DIMES pages you can learn more on the scientifice contribution of this project.
But I am not only interested in measurements. As a physicists by education, I regard measurements as just the first step in the path towards modeling, and hopefully explaining and predicting the behavior of a system.

One of these models (that we informally dub It takes a virus to kill a virus), which deals with a new way to fight Internet virus epidemics has just been published (December 1st. 2005) by Nature Physics and is getting its 15 minutes in the spotlights.

Science aside, I am the proud father of Ori, have a lovely Boss (aka The Wife) named Karni, and have some out of lab life (believe it or not):

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